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hi guys i need some advice its my 1st for myself, I was first planning 2 get a r5770 hawk and a ud4p motherboard and an i5 750 cpu and a gigabyte odin 585 watt psu and a gigabyte x9 case and a seagate barracuda 1tb hardrive and 4 gig transcend jetram this whole set up would cost me R9820 which is $1286,50 because south africa is a major rip off, only if newegg products were available in SA, anyway i decided im only going 2 use this pc for gaming so i want to get a cheaper mobo and then i can get a 5850, im also considering getting the phenom II x4 1055T as it is hex core and the amd motherboards are alot cheaper, my pc needs to last me about 5-6 years so i want crossfire available on the mobo as i will later add another 5850, any advice on what mobo to get if i get the i5 750, or whether to get the intel or amd cpu, thanks
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  1. With AMD, you want to research. Lately, when socket AM3 came out, the older socket AM2+ boards mostly supported socket AM3. That being the case, you may look and see if down the line if AMD is going to offer newer chips for socket AM3. I am guessing they will, but not for sure. However, if they do and you get a good board, you may be able to build what you want now, and in say 3 years drop a different CPU in there.

    AMD ultimately does not have the fastest chip. Intel does, but you pay more as you see. However, AMD does offer more bang for the buck. The other thing, maybe take the extra cash, and you can get more memory or whatever is most important to you.
  2. what are the amd cpus like for overclocking? i know that the i5 750 is good as my friend has overclocked his to 4.2 ghz no problems
  3. so any cheap intel motherboards with crossfireX?
  4. Honestly, other guys will be able to tell you more about intel. But myself, always been an AMD kinda guy. Even since the Pentium 2 days. Just always seemed to me like intel was overpriced. I think you can get a modest overclock from the amd chips. But haven't done much overclocking on them.
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