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hey guys. i have an i5 750 cpu @ stock settings (2.6 ghz) with a cooler master hyper 212 heatsink and fan. i recently checked my bios and it shows that the fan rpm is at around 330. i thought this was a bit low because my temps are pretty high for an i5 (around high 30s to high 40s) at stock. so is the problem my fan speed? i also noticed the past few days that my cpu fan would not spin up sometimes and i have to spin the fan myself with a pencil until it starts to spin. what is the normal fan speed rpm? thanks guys
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  1. Sounds like your fan is fudged. Hsve you tried directly connecting it to a Molex plug in lieu of the MoBo header ?
  2. yes i have tried plugging and unplugging my fan into my motherboard and it gave me the same results. i also tried it on my other fan ports but the same thing happens. do you think its my motherboard? thanks
  3. its a possibility, but fan would be my first guess
  4. so what is the normal speed or rpm of a cpu fan?
  5. not really sure what the speed should be, but i am positive that "pencil start mode" is neither normal nor acceptable
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