UPS Damage by Power Commpany?

I have an APC Back-UPS XS 1000 UPS.

It's in perfect working order, I just moved it to a place in NY.
The power here in the summer is terrible.

It's cost me 3 hard drives so far, and a fourth that's acting a little strange.
Spread across 2 PC's and an enclosure.
Power drops causing PC's to reset etc...


So anyway brought my UPS back with me from atlanta.
Everything is working fine.

It's been hooked up for about 6 hours, I've been in the room the last 2.
It's kicking in at least once every 15 minutes, anywhere from 5-15 seconds.

My question is: Is this going to screw up my UPS?


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  1. Don't know. In one respect, that's what UPS's are for. Conversely, that's a pretty extreme cycle pattern.

    But better to repair/replace the UPS than all the computer bits.
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