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I7 930 or pay a bit more for the 950?

Since it is only @$15.00 more for the 950 versus the 930 is the 950 the better choice?
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  1. They are both identical as far as their arch, however the 950 has a higher stock clock, so its faster at stock. It also has a higher multiplier, so it will definitely be easier to overclock, and possibly reach a higher OC. Id say go for the 950, unless you can find a 930 for cheaper than $15 less.
  2. I've got a brand new Thermaltake V1 I was planning on using. I have the 1366 brackets for it. I think it will work well with an i7.
  3. If you already have it, thats good enough.
  4. Microcenter has the 930 for $200 and the 950 for $230. In store only plus sales tax of course. I am debating which one to get still.
  5. Do you plan on overclocking?
  6. Yes!

    I am wondering if the higher multiplier is worth the extra 32 bucks. I imagine the 950 might overclock slightly higher as well since Intel probably uses the "better" chips for the 950.
  7. Yeah, technically. It depends how good your RAM is. Higher multiplier makes overclocking easier, but both can reach the same max frequency. If you think you have good RAM, and you can push it a bit, do 930. If not, do 950. I might go with the 950, for the sheer reason it isnt much more expensive. What are you using this for anyway?
  8. Mainly for gaming. Going to be using 2 GTX460s in SLI. I haven't ordered the ram yet. I am still researching that as well. I have ordered the mobo, ps, hd, case and windows 7. I still need the second gtx460, cpu, bluray drive, and ram. Basically all I need to get it up and running is the cpu and ram. I have an extra dvd drive I can use for now and one GTX 460 from my existing computer. I will wait for a good deal on the second GTX 460 and bluray drive.

    I would like to get the ram and cpu ordered in the next few days so I can start putting it together next week. I am still on the fence about the 930/950.
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    Honestly, its up to you and you finances, $30 isnt much for what your getting, and id recommend spending the extra money on better RAM if you choose the other option. Honestly, both are the same, both will OC to the same point, and the 950 just has a higher multiplier. If you think you are a good overclocker, get the 930, if not as good, 950.
  10. Thanks ares1214. I am going to think about it for a bit. Hopefully Microcenter keeps the sale going until tomorrow.
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  12. I ended up getting the 950.
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