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ok so i've had this problem for about 3 months now I can't update my single 5870 in windows 7 64 bit. the drivers will update but when i go to restart i get the almighty black screen. the odd thing is my monitor gets a signal but its just black. so i restart my computer after that and it say windows could not start due to recent software or hard wear change blah blah blah. then it says start up repair and i can restore my computer. then im back right back where i started. you guys have helped me every time before can you please please help me now :D
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  1. Hmm, what driver did you use right now?
    Just roll back to the driver that works before you updating the card, sometime, the latest driver is not the best... :)
  2. I have it back to normal but which is 10.2 for me. and cant even update to 10.3 it does the same thing.
  3. So, if you're fine with 10.2 then just continue it...
    For comparison, my HD4850 is still use the old driver from the CD (9.7) and works just fine...
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