Need help with Case and Power Supply

I am building a gaming rig soon and need to know 2 very important things.

1. Is a 750W Power Supply good enough for GTX 460 1GB SLI and an Intel Core i7 950? If not, what IS enough. Any links or specific power supplies would also be greatly appreciaged.

2. Is a mid-tower case big enough for GTX 460 1GB's in SLI? By big enough, I mean actual size (i.e. will the components fit) and heat (specifically, will the small size limit airflow). The specific case I am wondering about is the NZXT Nemesis Elite--->
If this case will be good for SLI and cooling, than I will be happy with it. If not, can any of you reccomend a case that can? It must be no greater than ~$150, and a side panel window is almost a must have (for me).

So in advance, thank you all for your help, I do appreciate this, as I might screw up if I do it all by myself.
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    a 650w+ from antec, xfx, seasonic, PC Power & Cooling, or corsair will power your system easily. the GTX 460 are rather small cards so just about any solid mid tower case will fit them. the xfx+lian li combo davcon linked is very good and will do the job.
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