Gigabyte UD4 Realtek HD Issues

I'm having an annoying issue with the Sound Drivers and Realtek HD, in specifically, when I try to use USB headphones.

If I try to switch to the USB Headphones, I can not seem to play anything. No sounds come out of the headphones, and when I try to play music in Itunes, it just stays paused.

If I play them through speakers, everything is fine, but when I use USB headphones (Razer Megalodon) it doesn't work.

Any suggestions?
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  1. You might need to install a driver to use the USB headphones. Got this from a review: (The Megalodon can only connect to your PC via a USB port. Also, it is only compatible with Windows XP and later. That said, we did have a few issues in getting our Windows XP computer to play nicely with the headset. It took a few unplugging sessions before the right sound kicked in, but when it is properly set up, your sound properties should say Razer Megalodon.)

  2. You have to choose your audio source.
    The Megalodon has it's own audio processor as do most usb headsets.
    Either choose onboard or the Megalodon.
    That's why alot of people choose 3.5mm plug-in headsets instead of usb.
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