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Hey guys, after receiving some great feedback on my initial post, ($350 after mail in rebates)I decided to look at another build.




after the feedback in my initial posting, I looked for hardware that was still budget friendly, but considered more futureproof, while still being recognized as a reliable brand.

all in all, this 2nd blueprint is $485 after mail in rebates. package includes a DX11 card, a mobo with crossfire capabilities, a more reasonable PSU built by a more reliable manufacturer and also an apparent upgrade to RAM as apparently OCZ memory is not what it used to be?
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  1. Not in love with the Nvidia SLI motherboard (not CF) and your 5770 CF video card.
    A better match for that X3 445 CPU: ASUS M4A87TD/USB3 870 Motherboard $100 ACC Core Unlocker, SATA 6Gb/s+ USB 3.0

    Everything else looks very good.
    OCZ still makes good RAM but that G.Skill is very good and a good price too.
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