Old HDD's aren't showing up in BIOS and are corrupting Windows 7

I just built a new computer and installed Windows 7 64bit on a new 120GB SSD. I want to add my old HDD's (one SATA and one IDE) to my new computer. The problem is that every time I install an old HDD, they don't show up in the BIOS. Then, when I restart my computer Windows says it encountered a problem with new hardware or software and is corrupted to the point where I have to re-install Windows and everything else (system restores don't fix the problem).

My old HDD's were from a computer running Windows 7 32bit, so could there be some sort of formatting issue that I'm running into when installing them in a Win 7 64bit system, or is this a problem with the motherboard?

I'd very much appreciate any help you can give me.
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    Sounds like the first thing to try is updating your BIOS. If the BIOS won't detect the drives, then it's either your BIOS needs and update, your hard drives are corrupted/dead, or your connections from the motherboard->HDD aren't good. Double check your cabling just in case.
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