New SLI Issue HELP!

I am running:

Intel i7 975 3.33 GHZ
6 GB Kingston Hyper X DDR3
2X EVGA 295 Red Edition SLI
P6T Mother Board (non deluxe)
Topower 1100w PSU
300 GB Velociraptor Hard Drive
Win 7 64 Bit

All Nvidia Drivers are up to date ( new)

Here is my Question:

When I try to play Games in SLI I get flashing green and purple. :cry:

When I use one card alone or both at the same time in Non SLI mode the cards work great. I used to play on this motherboard in SLI no problem but now it doesn't work. Any thoughts. I cant seem to fix this problem for the life of me but I think I have figured that the problem is not the graphic cards since I can use each one on its own no problem.
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  1. Since you already tried each one on its own with no problem then i guess your PSU is dying... How old that PSU? can you give us more detail? link?
  2. My guess is that some of the rails are being overloaded. 6 rails at 20A each isn't necessarily a good thing.
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