What upgrades to capture/edit HD video?

Just purchased a Panasonic TM700K High Def Camcorder. I know it will be difficult (impossible?) to edit the 1080/60p footage with current software. I'm just wondering what I might need to do to upgrade my hardware as the budget and sales pricing allows. My current configuration is below;

AMD Phenom II Black Edition X4 955 CPU
ASUS M4A77TD Motherboard w/ Realtek 8112L LAN 10/100/1000 Mbps enabled
XFX GeForce 9800 GT 512Mb Video card
OCZ Stealth Stream Power Supply, OCZ700SXS, 700W
RAM: 2 each OCZ3G1600LVAM2G – 2 GB each
DDR3 PC3-8500U
Set at DDR3-1066 (7-7-7-16-4-26-8-4)
Hard Drives: 2 each Seagate Barracuda 1 TB, Sata 300, 7200rpm ST31000528AS Rev. CC37
Cooler Master CM690 Case
Audigy 2 Sound Card w/ firewire port
DVD-RW: Optiarc DVD RW Sata 150 AD-7240S
AverTVHD Volar Max ATSC TV Tuner
O/S: Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit
Acer AL2223W Monitor, 22” WS, 1680x1050 native resolution
Sharp LL-191A Monitor

Any advice where I would get best bang for the buck for high def. video editing?

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    Your current system is still pretty decent for video editing at 1080/60p footage... . To improve upon your current system, your best bang for the buck would be to upgrade to a Phenom II X6 (1055T or 1090T (my recommendation)) CPU after flashing your BIOS to 2005 or higher. Your other option would be going with the Intel Core i7-930 but you are talking almost a completely new system.

    Your other components still meet the requirements for HD video editing. After the CPU upgrade, you can look to add a SSD down the road to complete the upgrade.
  2. Your hardware is in good shape (with possible exception of your monitor).
    All you really need is some decent software (all are less than $100):
    Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 14
    Adobe Premiere Elements 8
    Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum
  3. I like Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 14... I have it for my system
  4. Nero 9 or 10 is a good editing package, to capture stills as well. 2 plug-in options for at least version 9 are the dts & the Blu ray authoring plug- ins. A 1920 x 1200 monitor works well, SlySoft may come in handy as well.
  5. Thanks folks. I've heard editing 1080/60p footage is just about impossible by current software standards. For now, I can shoot in 1080/60p (archival) but then downconvert into AVCHD for editing [The 1080p60 mode is AVCHD except the bitrate (28Mbps) is higher than the AVCHD spec allows (17 Mbps for main profile, 24Mbps for high profile)] It seems like my hardware will handle it but need to wait for editing software that can deal with it.
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