5850cf or single 5870 ?

Should I get 2 x 5850 0r a single 5870 ?

Playing wow mainly, heres my rig "to be":

Intel Core™ i5 Quad Processor i5-750
Quad Core, 2.66Ghz, Socket 1156, 8MB, 95W, Boxed w/fan

MSI P55-GD80, P55, Socket-1156, DDR3
4 DDRIII, ATX, 3xPCI-Ex(2.0)x16, 2xGbLan, (Winki), OC Genie, DrMOS, Super pip

Cooler Master HAF 922 Midi Tower Sort
Vifter: 1x 200mm Front, 1x 200mm Topp, 1x 120mm Bak, Rød LEDs Av/På

BenQ 24" LED V2410 Eco
1920x1080, 5000000:1, 5ms, VGA/HDMI

Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1333MHz 8GB CL9
Kit w/4x 2GB XMS3 modules, CL9-9-9-24, for Core i5 and i7, 1.5V

Corsair HX 750W PSU
ATX 12V V2.2, 80 Plus Silver, Modular, 4x 6+2-pin PCIe, 12x SATA, 140mm Vifte

Samsung SpinPoint F3 1TB SATA2
32MB 7200RPM

Intel X25-M SSD 80GB 2,5",
SATA2, read/write speed of up to 250MB/70MB sec, MLC, Gen.2

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium NO
OEM, 64bit

The I5 will be oc`d

Ohh and any recomendations on manufacturer/modell ?

Please advice on gpu, or the rest of the settup if u have any wiews :)
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  1. CF 5850s blows away a 5870. For WoW this system is overkill lol but it's fairly similar to mine, runs Crysis and Metro 2033 no problem.

    I made a thread comparing a single 5850 to CF 5850s although they were OCed, but it shows how much improvement you get. In the later posts, someone with a 5970 posted their Dirt 2 FPS, and the CF 5850s were quite a bit higher.

    Brand doesn't matter much, but IMO get a reference card because the non reference ones tend to blow the hot air around in your case instead of out the back. Also many non reference ones have voltage control disabled although that probably won't be an issue.

    Oh right and you'll need an aftermarket cooler on that i5 for OCing :)

  2. Thnx for quick answer :)

    Any tips on manufacturer ? The:
    MSI Radeon HD 5850 1GB "Twin Frozr II"
    PCI-Express 2.0, 2xDVI-I, native-HDMI, DisplayPort
    Looks sweet, but du u have any preferances ?
  3. I bought the Sapphire Dirt 2 edition but that was mostly just because I could get it for $299.98 locally ;)

    The one you're looking at is fine, good cooler, but it'll heat up your case. Probably not a big issue with your case so long as you make sure to be careful about cable management for good airflow.
  4. Now the noob question.... would 5850 cf last long ??? lol or would I be better off getting a 5870 now and then gettin a 2nd 5870 for cf in 6-12 months ?
    Can the 5870 provide ?
  5. Seems I cant edit my posts lol, aye read the full answer now......

    But if I have to get like an msi or radeon it doesnt matter wich ? or are there brands I should disregard ?

    Got y eyes set on a cpu cooler, cm 212 or cm v8 havent decided yet
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    Well CF 5870s would be really, really sick. Honestly tho I can't see a game, even Crysis 2, giving CF 5850s trouble for several years. Not unless some super mega ultra graphics engine comes out. And if you OC the 5850s you can get a lot more performance than stock. Mine went from 700/1000 to 960/1210.

    But hey, if you've got the extra cash, might as well go for CF 5870s. Although while you have 1 5870, you might find yourself having to lower some graphic settings to keep solid framerates (50+).

    Honestly tho, bang for your buck CF 5850s are just awesome.
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  8. Ok wolf ure a first rate salesman :) cf 5850 it is.......
    Thnx for ure time, real nice of u :)
  9. Haha my pleasure :)

    I had a single 5850 for about a month and it was pretty impressive, but then I added a second one and I'm blown away. Crysis, Crysis Warhead, Metro 2033, Dirt 2, NFS Shift, STALKER: CoP all on max settings and very nice framerates. I just don't see the point in paying any more when these already are crushing games.

    Thanks for the selection.

    Oh and about CPU cooler, the Hyper 212+ is probably just fine and rather cheap. It gets pretty glowing reviews. Might want to check this out

    And the RAM should be fine, but since you want to OC I'd recommend looking for 1600mhz CL8 ram. Stock bclk on an i5 is 133 so the ram multiplies by 10 for 1333. For 1600mhz RAM you raise the bclk to 160 - and generally won't need to change any voltage settings for this to work (on the CPU side, RAM will generally need 1.65V but that's all manufacturer specified). My i5 750 is running 175bclk, so the ram I have at 8x for 1400mhz CL7. It's very fast. And obviously the CPU is running fast, it's going 3.7ghz normal (x21) and with turbo hits 4.2ghz! (x24 for single and double thread operations). Just a thought tho, but reality is that RAM doesn't really affect performance... it's just good to have that headroom for OCing.
  10. Thnx again Wolf, added ure responces to my favorites for easy access later on, might call on ure wisdom later when my brain fries upp ;) have a good 1
  11. Forgive me for beein slow but 1 thing u said has gotten me confused, are u saying that I cant run wow on full settings using 1 5870 ? did I read that correct ?
  12. No, WoW definitely can be ran max settings. I mean games like Crysis or Metro will still be able to be on High settings just not the absolute max. WoW is fairly old and can run cards far below the 5870.
  13. Thnx for ure answer again :)
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