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Hey, I just had this idea, and don't hate me if you might have read about this online or heard about this being done, 'cause I haven't, and I think it'd be pretty cool... So you set your rig up with water cooling, then you take a mini fridge/freezer and you put your water cooling radiator in it and turn the fridge/freezer on full blast... don't you think that would allow for a cheap, easy way to cool your pc well? Also, if you wanted to get really radical, you eliminate the radiator all together, and hook the tubes of the watercooling system up to the tubes of the fridge... :D does anyone see any problems with this? And if someone does this or has done this, could you please post pics? Thanks :)
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  1. Yes it has been done. But just because it has been done, doesn't mean it wasn't an original idea of yours. It's just someone thought of it first.
  2. thanks man, do you think it's a good idea though? I'm worried that the cold tubes would cause condensation...
  3. There's no doubt it would cause condensation. You'd have to dew-proof your computer just as if you were using LN2 instead.
  4. If you put the water cooling system's external radiator into a fridge you might get extra cooling for your CPU. It depends a bit on how your CPU cooler is set up. IF it uses the measured internal CPU temperature to control how much cooling it does (that's how an air-cooled system with a fan works), the extra-good heat removal at the radiator in the fridge will just make the liquid cooling circulation system pump slow down to keep the CPU at the same temperature and not over-cool it. I suppose you could take advantage of this, though, by setting your CPU cooler to run the CPU at a lower temperature.

    I would not suggest placing the radiator in a freezer. If at any time the radiator and tubing get too cold (for example, when the computer is not running), you would freeze the coolant inside the radiator (assuming you are using just water, maybe with some corrosion inhibitor additive, but not full ethylene glycol anti-freeze). That would burst the radiator and the whole system would fail badly.

    Do NOT try to cut into the tubes inside a fridge to re-route them through the liquid cooling system of your computer. A refrigeration system is a complex set of high-pressure tubes, compressor, expansion orifice and heat exchangers, operating with a special chemical that turns into a liquid when compressed and cooled, then expands into a gas and absorbs heat in doing so. If you cut into this closed system the gas will all escape and the entire fridge is useless until you call in an expensive repair person. In the meantime you have released a potentially toxic gas cloud into the room. Besides all these practical problems, there is the real design issue that the refrigeration system cannot cool your CPU unless you correctly design a heat exchanger, expansion orifice and gas return line for it.
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