Problem I'm having with Empire Total War and my Nvidia card

I've gone to the nvidia forums and waited a month and gotten zero responses, the total war center forums directed me here because you know quite a bit about gpu's. I bought empire total war after updating my graphics card to the GTS 250, the game worked fine, barring an occasional crash. However after about 40 hours into my campaign I'm suddenly getting flickering textures and crashes in almost every battle.

This was after I turned down most of the features below what the game was auto setting. It was recommended I use an older driver, but that caused all the building textures to disappear completely. These problems all seem centered around Empire however as none of my other games experience any of these game ending glitches. I think it may have something to do with smoke and fire, as the only major common thing I've found in the crashes is that they increase in severity the moment smoke appears.

Imagine these images with seizure inducing flickering of all the missing textures. Any help would be appreciated, and if I posted to the wrong section I'm terribly sorry.
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  1. Did you completely remove all of the driver components, as well as the driver, prior to installing the newer ones?
  2. how hot was the card?
  3. 1. Check your card temps.
    2. Did it happened on the other games as well?
    3. What is your PSU?
    4. try updating your driver with the latest one.
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