How to Connect 2 wireless routers wirelessly

I would like to know if any can assist and elaborate how to set up 1 wireless router connected to a cable modem, and 2nd wireless router connected wirelessly in a different level of a house and be able to use it.

Here is my setup:

I have a Dlink Dir-825 connected to a cable modem in the 2nd floor of a house.
main level receives internet connection wirelessly via SSID.

XBox & PS3 in basement connects wirelessly via SSID.
the XBox and PS3 have random signal or connection drop, and lag

I would like the 2nd floor remain the same, and use my 2nd wireless router Dlink Dir-655 wirelessly connected to the Dlink Dir-825 and place Dir-655 on the main level.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
I have dug around different post, and most give single line help. Any detail steps examples like dir-825 setup this way and dir-655 setup this way is appreciated.

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  1. The second router needs to be a wireless bridge. I don't think the Dlink Dir-655 supports bridge mode.
  2. What grumpy said. Most routers won't support that with factory firmware. Your best bet is to get a different D-Link router that supports a custom firmware. I did a quick search and didn't find one for the Dlink Dir-655.
  3. Thanks Grumpy and Fusion

    do you know which make & model supports bridging, and has good wireless performance?
    can i safely assume the Dir-825 supports and the Dir-655 does not?

    Thanks in advance
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