How to connect hp laserjet 3055 to network

I have a windows 7 operating system on which HP 3055 LASERJET printer is connected through USB cable and a router is connected (D-Link wireless ADSL2+Router)
I want to connect a my iMAC to printer through Wi-fi using my (PC-Windows 7).
I am not that technically sound,so please guide for setup.
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  1. Try this,
    HP LaserJet 3055 Scanning via network connection

    Download and install the Full Software for Vista(LJ 3055 AiO) from the web link given below and follow the steps provided for installation:

    1. Download the 'Setup file' and save it on the computer desktop.

    2. Right-click on the 'Setup file' and click on 'Properties'.

    3. Then click on 'Compatibility' mode.

    4. Check mark the option "Run this program in compatibiliy mode for":

    5. Then select 'Windows Vista' from the drop-downlist.

    6. Click on APPLY and OK

    7. Then double-click on the 'Setup file to install the software.

    The above steps will install the scanner software successfully on the Windows 7.
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