How to format my ssd

I read somewhere that it's bad to format ssds, anyways something happenned to my games, and id like to format everything and i need some help

how do i format the ssd (which im running windows )
i also have a hdd that also has windows installed and 100gigs of other bullshit
i want to completely wipe both of them.
how would i format/wipe both drives
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  1. I would disconnect the HDD so with only the SSD connected boot off of the windows DVD and follow the prompts for a Custom install. then add the HDD and on reboot just click on it and format.
  2. Use the quick format option and you will be fine. Obviously you will lose any data on the drive when you do that. When you format a drive a TRIM command will be issued (assuming your configuration will allow this, i.e. an OS that issues TRIM commands and drivers that enable the TRIM command to be passed to the drive) and most SSD’s will then undertake garbage collection to leave the drive in prime condition. On older drives it was necessary to secure erase the drive to get them back to prime condition, but it is not necessary anymore.

    If the drive in question is not an OS drive you can simply right click on the drive in question from Explorer and then select format, which will bring up a format option box. Make sure you have NTFS selected and 4,096 bytes for the allocation unit size. Make sure the quick format box is selected and just hit start.

    If the drive is an OS drive the above will not work as the drive is protected. During a fresh installation however you will have the option to format the drive before installing the OS.

    Alternatively you can secure erase the drives. If you have a SSD that provides a toolbox to provide a secure erase function you will most likely have to delete the partition before you can secure erase the drive. If you secure erase from DOS it will wipe the drive and any partition on the drive.
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