GTX 295 problem

Well I was getting ready to play a game of Age of empires 3 when suddenly both of my monitors went blank, before resetting I looked in my case and saw my GPU had a red light, normally green

So I thought it might have overheated? but anyway I turned it off by holding down the power button and tried turning it back on, it didn't work at first but I let it rest for about 5 minutes and tried it again, this time it turned on but when I got into windows...

first it said "You have no dual monitor support"
2nd The res got reset to 800x600
3rd GPU-z Doesn't see my graphics card
4th if I right click my desktop there is no nVidia control is my graphics card done?
thanks for the help
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  1. all I know is that it's a 750Watt toughpower, I'm not sure where to find the model number for it, I'll try the safemode option now

    EDIT: Nope safemode was the same, didn't see the card at all
  2. Have you connected all the power connectors properly?
    If you can't see anything under safe mode then it probably your card is dying...
  3. Yup they are all connected correctly, I put my old 9800gx2 in and it works fine so I'm guessing it is the 295, guess I'll give EVGA a call tomorrow and get an RMA

    Thank you both for helping
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