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i am looking for notebooks with i7 620M CPU, values by 1200$ (+-100$). AS i know ATI HD5650 and NVIDIA GT3* serias are close performance so prefer one of them. wait for your advice. Thanks
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  1. I have an Acer Aspire 7740-

    8gbs DDr3 1333 SO DIMM's, of course
    Core i7 620m Dual-core, 2.66 ghz
    ATI Radeon 5650 1gb Gddr5
    640 Gb 5400 RPM Hdd
    17.3 Inch HD Screen, 1600x900 res
    6-cell standard Battery

    I payed about $1250 for it at Fry's, I don't know if it still that price or not. I have seen a few with similar specs at about the same price, but with less RAM and a better graphics card. Graphics cards don't really matter on laptops anyways unless you're crazy like me and try to game on them;

    I play-

    Crysis. On high, I usually get 25-35 FPS with 0 AA but 8x AF
    FEAR. Yeah, it's outdated. 30-60 FPS, everything maxed.
    Mass Effect 2. 25-45 FPS with everything but AA maxed.
    Borderlands. 20-80 FPS (yeah, crazy range I know) with everything but AA maxed.
    At this resolution, you can do pretty much everything but max AA. And if you don't game, I can tell you that this proc crushes pretty much everything out there. It's close to 4 times as fast as my old Turion 64-X2.
  2. Great combinations expect 17.3" screen, for me:) i am looking for more portable 15.6" one.
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