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Recently got a 1.5tb Seagate ST31500341AS 7200rpm hdd, and when i put into my pc with everything connected and my sdd as boot drive and priority, I only get to the Starting Windows screen, and the hdd light shows activity, but nothing past that screen. I got into windows once with the hdd in, and it didnt recognized it right away. I went under device manager and scaned for new hardware and it found it and immediately windows explorer stopped responding, i hit restart and nothing showed up. I hit shut down under the switch user screen and it didnt shut off, and havent been able to get to the os itself
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  1. Having similar problems, same hard drive too! It shows up everywheres but I can't access it from my computer. You?
  2. i waited at the loading windows screen, then it started a check disk and it froze a few times but it ran fully and nothing, then after that it loaded into windows and within that time i ran speedfan hdd test and said it had an electrical failure, and it froze, reset it renamed it self a factory number not the st31500341as but something shorter. computer still recognized it as the different part but wasnt usable as i think it went into a factory mode or something, but it ran seatools and it failed the S.M.A.R.T test instantly and im sending out for rma, thank god for warranties.
  3. I sure hope mine isn't fried.... I can pick it up in bios and it passed the seagate programs test! Just can't open it!
  4. Mine showed up in the bios and tried to load win 7 and froze, and it made a weird clinking noise or something which made a good indicator it was bad, but i was surprised it let me load into Win7 and run tests, but i read some reviews that firmware is bad and i tried the update for it, maybe u should do that, but im not real impressed with Seagate hdds. my friend had to rma his 1tb barracuda because of some kind of failure and would cause games to crash all the time. I traded a athlon dual core and 4gb of ddr2 for my 1.5tb and since i didnt pay anything for thoses other parts im not to mad at it dying lol as long as the rma doesnt cost much.
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    Damn.... Yeah I'm probably gonna try the new firmware and just cross my fingers. Good luck!
  6. Try the firmware update, and try to use device manager find new hardware.
    And make sure that ur motherboard supports 1tb+ hdds, mine had a bios update for it.
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