Computer Turns On But No Display or Boot!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

Please help guys

Everything turns on. all the fans gpu fan all LED lights all drive spin. EVERYTHING except the display. Im thinkin its the video card. but the fans spinning and everything seems to be okay. Maybe the motherboard?

p7p55d deluxe 1156
intel 17 875k
gtx 470
4gb gskill ddr31600

I've tried everything I can think of and everything looks to be plugged in wheres its supposed to.

Any idea? Anything? Im desparate.
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  1. Do you have a case (system) speaker installed? If yes, do you get beeps?

    If no, you really need one.
  2. Hey guys sorry for the delayed reply, not that any of you cared lol.

    Problem is solved, Had the EATX12V on the motherboard unplugged. [:fisshy:2]

    Don't know how I forgot but I felt pretty damn stupid when I realized what I had done.

    Then I had some issues with installing and using a wireless-n adapter (N13-USB for anyone who's curious). It said it was working properly in Device Manager but I caouldn't enable it in the wireless connection manager. It would say "Enabling......" ... "Enabled...." but nothing would happen, it would remain disabled. I had to update the BIOS to the latest version to solve that problem. Thing works great now.

    But now with that same BIOS update, I can't enter the BIOS when I press DEL at start up. Not a big deal because the setting are fine and temperatures are fine and my settings are saved, but still a pain in the ass.

    Will probably be fixed in the next version I suppose...
  3. Good old No. 2 on the list.
  4. Don't worry - you weren't the first to do that - and you certainly won't be the last.
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