Will my CPU limit my Card performance !

Hey :hello:

I have a C2D E4500 2.20GHz and 2 GB of RAM and im planning to Buy an ATI 4850

Will my CPU limit this video card run smoothly :sarcastic: !!!

Plz Help !
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  1. Possibly, what resolution are you planing on using?

    If it is limiting you, you can get a good cheap cooler like the hyper 212+ and OC your CPU.
  2. Thx for reply

    My Res @1440x900

    if you need other info or you have something to add plz reply !!!
  3. CPU might limit you a bit because the 4850 can max most things out easily at that resolution but it shouldnt be too bad, it should still be in the playable range for most games.
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