To make my Dell Studio Xps 1645 better than factory's best

I have a Dell Studio Xps 1645 with all the Dell F actory upgrades like Intel I7 840 qm processor, 256 gig Samsung solid state drive, Ati radeon 5730 graphics card with 1 dedicated memory, etc.
I would like to make my computer faster by safely overclocking and if I need to buy components to make my computer the best it can be.
Thank you
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  1. You won't gain much by overclocking. Your board isn't designed for it. If you want to play with the bios, build your own next time. All of the oem boards are designed with fewer bios settings to keep the owner from changing them so the system will post. You probably saved enough on the dell to use the money for something else. I would leave your system alone.
  2. You cant overclock a 1645.. I have it and no chance for OC in that.. :( ( At least through your BIOS)
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