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Hello Gentlemen,

asus m5a97 mobo
vertex oc3 60gb

My SSD is full and the only hard drive I have lying around is an old Maxtor 160gb HDD.

My mobo does not have a port for the IDE connector. Is it possible to have my SSD be my main drive and have the HDD run as a slave via IDE/SATA converter?

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    That's OK. Just be sure to jumper the IDE HDD as a master, not as a slave.

    BTW. the term "slave" is not strictly appropriate for SATA drives.
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  3. So a new question about the same setup.

    I installed the older HDD put the jumper in master. It booted right up and installed the drivers for it automatically.

    This drive was taken out of an old computer with xp and some other programs on it so I wanted to format it. When I try to right click and choose to format it says that it is in use and to close anything that it is using. I don't know what is being used so I can't close it. Any ideas on how to work around it?
  4. Check the list of running tasks in Task Manager and disable any likely suspects.
  5. I have tried ending any process that I could and it still wouldn't format. Could I move the jumper on the drive to a spot that the HDD would be recognized but not used by the computer?
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