Need a new AGP Vid card, Suggestions?

My GeForce 7600gt decided last night that it was tired and just quit on me.
So now I'm sitting here without a clue as to what to replace it with :pt1cable:

Obviously if I'm asking about AGP cards it means I'm running an out of date system, that being said let me also state that I am currently unemployed and can not afford to update my computer at this time.

The main thing I am interested in using the system for is playing World of Warcraft and streaming movies so I dont need a high end system just a solid video card that works lol

My other system info is as follows:
Intel P4 2.8 processor
Asus P4S800D-X Motherboard
RaidMax 420w power supply
2 GB ram

Any input as to an appropriate video card selection for my system would be appreciated.

So far Ive been told;
Get another 7600gt,
Get a radeon x1950 pro
and "a Radeon HD 4650 is the best you can buy"

Since my computer knowledge is only slightly above that of your average 80 year old grandmother I find myself more confused with each new forum search that I preform.

Please advise .... :wahoo:
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  1. I'd just get an HD4650 and be done with that computer for the rest of your life. OC your processor if you can as well.
  2. the best AGP card you can get is HD4670 AGP version, but it's not worth for your money.
    Agree with shadow, get HD4650 AGP version for the rest of your current PC, no need higher than that... :)
  3. Seriously, just pick up whatever you can find for $40 on ebay and call it a day. Maybe the HD 3650; even that would be fine. I really think even the 4650 would be overkill for a machine like that. I should know -- I've got an old P4 with a 4650 in it, and it's definitely not the card that's the bottleneck.
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