HIS ATI Radeon HD 4850 on a Dell e510

ok, so I've been planning on upgrading my computer for a while and im planning on getting an HIS ATI Radeon HD 4850 1GB graphics card ( for it. I already have a PSU upgrade in mind to a 600W but thats just a fun fact.

My main concern is that i have been reading all over the internet that the dell e510 doesn't take a dual slot PCIe x16, and that it has to be a single slot. Is this true? or it doesn't matter whether or not it's a dual slot just as long as it has space for a fan and extra room for the card itself?

If this is true and I can't buy the HD 4850 then, then whats the best graphics card I can buy that is a single slot and will fit in my motherboard?

P.S. I'm willing to no more than $140 for a graphics card that fits my criteria.
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  2. thanks for the help shadow! just saved me from worrying myself over lol
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