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Hi all,

I haven't upgraded my machine for about 4 years and things seem to have moved on a little bit!

I'm in the process of installing a Sandy Bridge P67 board (Asus P8P67LE) and have hit a bit of a snag with my existing OCZ 600W power supply. The board has an 8-Pin EATX connector, but my psu only has one 4-pin connector (labelled CPU1) with 2 square/2 bevelled pins. There is a second very similar connector (labelled CPU2) but the pins are all bevelled hence won't fit. I'm guessing there is a reason for that so i'm leaving that well alone.

Anyhoo, I've been doing some research and as far as I understand it the 8-pin connector is just two 4-pin connectors side by side to supply more current. If thats the case can I just use my existing 4-pin atx connector in one side and then get a molex to 4-pin atx converter and hook it up to the other side?

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  1. I've been doing a bit more research and found this which might be the safer option.
  2. I know this is really late but I found the exact same problem today & came across your thread. There was no definitive answer till I found this page:
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