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Hey, I'm thinking of buying an additional SSD at the moment. The reason I'm looking to purchase one is to get additional space and a more reliable SSD compared to my old OCZ Solid 3. But I also want something with a reasonably decent (more towards the high side) read and write speed.

I was thinking of getting a Corsair Force 3 120GB since it is relatively cheap atm around (AUD 109).
But with the new Corsair Neutron Series 120GB I can probably get it around AUD 130.

Which should I get? or would you recommend a completely different SSD?
(Both SSDs are not the GT version)

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Ill be honest, this close to the holiday season i recommend you hold onto your money, you will probably be able to get a 256gig model for what your looking to spend. If your motherboard supports it, i recommend stripe raiding 2 ssds together. I have 2 x ocz vertex 3 120gig ssds in a stripe and its giving me over 1 gig read and write speeds. I have yet to ever come across a system as smooth and responsive as mine.

    Remember that a newer generation ssd is only going to give you the high speeds if you connect it to a sata 3 port.
  2. Yea my motherboard is a G1 Sniper so it should support sata 3
    I don't plan to raid atm I'm not that pro with computers at this stage. Just looking to plug it in switch my OS to it and maybe put steam on there and a few games.
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