ASUS P7P55D SATA issue

Hi all,

I have the above mentioned MOBO with WIN7 64bit. I have 2 hard drives and 1 DVD Rom drive. I have 3 onboard SATA connections, one is black, another is gray, and the last is blue. Any combination plugged into the gray and black SATA connections appear, however, anything plugged into the blue SATA is not detected. I'd like to have all 3 components show up. I will be switching between both hard drives and I do not want to keep swapping SATA connections in order to do this. Obviously I need my DVD rom plugged into one of the SATA connections at all times, which leaves only 1 more working SATA connection.

Could it be a dead SATA connection? Is it a special SATA connection that needs some sort of driver for it to work properly? I've checked everything in my Bios. I just can't figure it out.

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  1. According to the Specs page for that motherboard, you actually have 6 onboard SATA ports. Look at the photo below and hook all 3 of your devices to the ports listed with the # 10. That should do it.
  2. Sorry...the numbers did not show very clear. You can use the zoom feature in Internet Explorer. If that doesn't work, the # 10 SATA ports are the 4 ports in the bottom right corner and the lower 2 SATA Ports to the right of them. I think the top SATA port is probably for a PATA device. If you have the manual, look at page 2.2.1
  3. I'm assuming you have the P7P55D Deluxe board, as that's the only one that has black, gray, and blue SATA connectors (according to the ASUS site anyway).

    You actually have a bunch of SATA ports on the board.

    In the lower-right corner of the board, there are three light blue blocks. If you look at the side of them, each block has two SATA ports. Plug all of your drives into those ports, and they should all be detected automatically.

    The black, blue, and gray individual ports are connected to another SATA controller (JMicron) which aren't as fast as the Intel ports. The ports likely share resources with something else on the board, so that's probably why one of them doesn't detect anything -- you'd have to disable something else for it to work.
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