Upgrade from E6420 to a system for photoshoping

I am currently using:
Intel E6420
Gigabyte p35-DS3R
4X1gb ram

Looking for an upgrade, I am doing most photoshop + little Premiere Pro.
Maybe selling my e6420 + 2gb for a potential buyer.

Any suggestion, I am not going to spend so much on this upgrade maybe 200-300 max.

How about th Q9300 and get another 4gb ram?

I was thinking of saving for the i5-750, which going to cost me about 300 with MB + 80 for ram. I know i5 is a dying board. =\
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  1. A Q9300 would be a good upgrade, I reckon 4 GB of RAM is enough. The GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3R supports the Q9300 after BIOS update F11. If you live near a Micro Center you can pick up a Q9550 for quite cheap.
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