Best motherboard around $100 for amd phenom II x4 965

Hello, I am building a budget gaming computer around 6 to 700 bucks, and I was building it around the amd phenom x4. I am pretty sure I want the 965 processor and as for a gpu I am thinking of the radeon hd 6850 or the 6870 not sure. But I just cannot decide on a motherboard ive looked at the ASUS M4A87TD EVO and not sure if its the best. Also I will be using this mostly for gaming and possibly some home theater. I do not care about on board sound as I will be eventually getting a sound card unless someone can tell me otherwise that onboard is good enough.
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  1. this might be a bit more but try the AsRock 890GX Extreme3 or the AsRock 890GM Pro3. I don't think any of these Mobos support the new Bulldozer Chipset, but if you think you will stick with the 965 for a while than i think it is worth looking at these Mobos. another budget Mobo you could look at is the Asrock 880GM-LE, though it might not be what you are looking for
  2. What advantages do those have over the asus evo board I picked out? And the one has support for multiple graphics card and I would only ever need 2 at most. But thanks for the suggestion. AsRock also has an am3+ board which I might even consider so it can be future proof for a little while, I also want usb 3.0 and sata6 so that wont be out of date as well.
  3. evongugg said:

    AMD stated that the bulldozer CPU's will not be fully compatible with current chipsets... I wonder how these motherboard manufacturers are implementing bulldozer support onto existing boards (besides changing the socket and maybe tweaking the bios)? I'm betting there's going to be some technical issues or limitations/missing features with current boards that boast 'AM3+' compatibility when Bulldozer chips get released. If anyones thinking about building a Bulldozer rig, then i personally would wait a couple more months for the official supported chipsets to be released (the 9xx series).
  4. Well even if it won't work with bulldozer its still better then the other motherboard. So I will probably end up getting it.

    according to that the 890fx and gx will support bulldozer.
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