Raid 10

Hey guys so i have a system that is lacking a little bit in harddrive speeds
Core i5 3570k
8Gb ram
2x 7200rpm samsung 500gb HDD

And i was wondering if raid 10 would improve performance dramatically i am aware that my current motherboard doesnt support raid as thats why i disnt list it but i have a number of raid cards and i am able to buy a new mobo if i really need to so is raid 10 a signifficant difference?
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  1. I would just recommend an SSD. Lots faster than any raid setup. Not to mention cheaper than buying a new mobo.
  2. And RAID 10 needs 4 disk at least!? The problem with RAID 0 is, that it increases the transfer speed, but the seek time stays the same, but that's what you "see" in windows. So a +1 for the SSD!
  3. Hmm ok the SSD i can get would be an ocz ssd as thats what th suppliers for our business can get are they fast enough?
  4. Yes, an SSD would be quite a bit faster than 2 HDD's in RAID 0.
  5. Typical seek time on a HDD is around 13ms, on a SSD around 1.3ms. That's what it makes it faster. The make/model doesn't really matter.
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