Why ati made 4 series and 5 series

Hello, this is jayde my Q is why ati made two series one 4 and other new is 5 but i cant make out major difference between them because if series 4 is old then why it is still so popular and making ddr5 ram gpu like 5 series plzz help
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  1. Technology is moving very fast and people expect every year at the most to get a new revision (new generation) of cards. Hence for marketing reasons they give each generation a new name (or number if you like) so people can distinguish them and also create excitement and potentially new sales. The 4xxx series is still popular because it can still play today's games quite well (Still powerful enough for most tasks), so people do not really need to update to the latest technology. GDDR5 is found on series 4xxx as well, but it is a cheaper memory to produce (almost the same as GDDR3) and it performs much better. So the performance to cost ratio is much better for a GDDR5 card and it makes more sense for a company to make those.

    Think of it like the Gillette series... 10 years ago we needed 1 razor blade to shave, then every couple of years they add another one and claim it shaves better. We are almost at the stage where they will have 10 razor blades, an acid strip and a light saber at the end of the blade... pure marketing...
  2. :lol: @ gillette, "Now even closerrrrr!" ...."The closest shave YET!" What a load of es |-| eye tea

    @ OP The 5xxx series brings DX11 which is a major advantage over the 4xxx series.
  3. As well as bringing Direct X 11, they are more power efficient, quieter and cooler. Also, assuming you can afford the high end cards they are better (5850, 5870, 5970).
    The budget card 5770 and the 5830 are in a situation where those who have a high end series 4 card will likely not bother getting but those with older cards and buying on a budget will buy it due to better technology and Direct X 11.

    The reason why the series 4 is still popular is because as Darkguest says, they still perform well and thanks to series 5 being released they can be found at a great price. But they are still old tech, and while some don't mind buying them due to price/performance many would rather get the new cards as they have more future
  4. Well obviously their intent was to make money. Even if they can make something slightly better, they can convince people with older cards to upgrade and spend cash. The 4000 series are still very cappable cards on 1080P. Not so much at 2560x1600 though.

    Now the real question is. Why the hell did Nvidia rebrand garbage 200 series cards as 300 series card and then release fermi as the 400 series. So they can mess with everybody? Perhaps they take joy in doing so.
  5. Your confused, Nvidia wasn't mentioned in the ops post.
    But here is ATI rebranding parts, oh and its not to trick people in to thinking their getting dx11, :)
    ATI rebrands mobile DX10.1 GPUs to Radeon HD 500v series
    By Hilbert Hagedoorn, May 10, 2010 - 8:10 PM

    You may mistake cards like the Mobility Radeon HD 545v for the Mobility Radeon HD 5450, but this is not the case as these new GPUs with a "v" suffix are rebrands of the Mobility Radeon HD 4000 series, they are made on a 55nm process and lack DirectX 11 support.


    * Mobility Radeon HD 560v series = Mobility Radeon HD 4600 series
    * Mobility Radeon HD 540v series = Mobility Radeon HD 4500 series
    * Mobility Radeon HD 530v series = Mobility Radeon HD 4300 series
  6. jeetu vaid said:
    Hello, this is jayde my Q is why ati made two series one 4 and other new is 5 but i cant make out major difference between them...


    Then you're not trying hard enough. :pfff:

    Try doing some research of even just the specs. [:thegreatgrapeape:2]
  7. notty22 said:
    Your confused, Nvidia wasn't mentioned in the ops post.
    But here is ATI rebranding parts, oh and its not to trick people in to thinking their getting dx11, :)

    No the trick is nVidiots thinking it's anywhere near the same question, let alone the same answer you gave (you few collection versus the anthology of nV).

    Try harder homer! :pt1cable:
  8. 4000 Series: The major revisions from the previous (3000) are 800 Stream Processor's vs 320, also GDDR5 was used on the high-end (X870) vs GDDR4.

    5000 Series: New fab process (40nm vs 55nm)
    New DirectX (DX11 vs DX10.1)
    1600 SP's against 800.
    A lot more GDDR5, a bigger and slightly different Tessellator.
    More ports (internal resolution of 8000x8000) not sure about internal resolution of 4000 series.
    Less power consumption (especially compared to the rival GTX400 series) less heat
  9. It's not just improved performance and efficiency that these new cards bring bit it also allows companies to build in more useful features that will appeal to a wider market and thus increasing it's market.

    For example the Radeon 5000 series features eyefinity which on the basic cards allows you to run 3 monitors all at once this is something people weren't able to do before without investing in expensive 3rd party hardware.
  10. ATI also needed a new performance platform to launch it's new technology, Eyefinity. With the following, Eyefinity is made possible and affordable:

    1Gb + DDR5 (Faster Memory)
    40nm (More Compact, Less Heat, Less Power Consumption)
    DX 11 (New Game Playability)
    DP (AMD/ATI's attempt to continue Apple's standardized video connection) Hope it works
    More Efficient.

    The HD 5000 Series has the upper hand for gamers who wish to utilize a "Surround Sight" setup. With multiple monitors, you can immerse yourself in any game and utilize your peripheral sight to enhance game play.

    Not to mention...up to 24 monitors. come on, how cool and useless that would be.

    I am building a 6 monitor set up as we speak. Eyefinity isn't the cheapest setup...but it surely is THE BEST setup to date!
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