How to delete pc listed on my network

There is a PC listed under my network folder that is not mine. How do you remove/delete a PC showing up on your network? When you right click it you can only open, connect or create shortcut. I cannot connect as a Security Window opens and asks for username and password.

I don't know where this computer is, I want it removed from my network. I think it has something to do with Media Streaming, because my PS3 shows it as a Windows Media Server in its menu, but cannot access it.

Anyway, just want it off my network.
Thank you!
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  1. If it shows up on your PC you can delete it -- Go to My Network Place and right click, select delete
  2. don't work win 7!
  3. I seem to have this problem too. If your connected to an unsecured router, that might be the problem. I have to figure out how to fix this issue with my router and see if that fixes the problem.

  4. The worry would be is if another person was connected to your router. Taking the PC out of the network map is one answer but the more important issue is the security.
  5. Well i did a little research on my router, didn't need the installation software i just needed to get into it to create a WEP key, i had to use internet explorer too (firefox & chrome did not work). Had some users on there that wasn't mine, could had some security breaches but it's good now.

    You can't really take the PC out of the network if you have users connecting to your router, unless you don't care if they abuse your internet service but since i added security & updated the firmware my internet speed has gone up. It is a slight pain to have to add a WEP key to all my devices but now that i have it, all my devices are better protected.

    Anyway if you want it off your network i suggest either finding out your model number of your router & adding some security to it or getting a new one. I might later on get a better router (i was reading that WEP isn't the best security) if i need to. I counted 7 different users on my service, so that's possibly 7 diff people who need to get their own internet service, probably leeching on my service for who knows long.
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