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I just want to prepare the things I need when my new CPU comes in but do I just basicly remove the heatsink and take the old CPU and then put the new one in and just put back the heatsink like how it was before? Is there anything special I need to do or should it work fine by just doing a simple swich? I have talked to you guys around my Dell 170L tower that currently has the 2.4 gHz Celeron D processor and I ordered a Pentium 4 3.06 gHz processor.

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  1. Is the pentium 4 coming with a new heatsink? If not you should go pick up some thermal paste, clean the old stuff off the heatsink and apply some new stuff before putting the heatsink back on to keep everything nice and cool. As long as the board supports it it should be a very simple switch.
  2. No it will be just the CPU so it's kinda like OEM. But I guess I do forsure need to buy some thermal paste? I thought you don't need it since it will work fine with the old heatsink. I will just be swiching CPUs though nothing special like I' am not going to overclock it or modify the CPU just to let you guys know.
  3. Btw will forsure the original heatsink that came with my Dell fit right on the new CPU? I would assume the new CPU has the same exact shape right? I never have btw upgraded a CPU myself usualy I have my moms best friend put it for me or my dad in the past. When I saw them doing it it didn't look hard but I remember Tom put that thermal paste on one tower I use to have years agao. I have only done so far on any towers is add or remove sound or video cards or replace hard drives or CD drives but I never yet myself replaced a motherboard with a new one also. I have seen it done but never done it yet. But for right now I just hope that I can replace the CPU myself.

    Btw this heatsink is kinda different than most since the cooling fan is not attached right on top of the heatsink.

    Here is the same cooling fan that I have on my Dell. As you seen the actual fan is attached on the back of the tower and the green plastic part covers on top of the heatsink so air can pass through to cool the heatsink.
  4. I assume that it will work since no one is replying back.
  5. Since you arent changing motherboards the mounting is still the same so it will fit just fine, CPU shape doesnt change within a socket so it will fit back on fine. The reason for wanting to apply new paste is that when you pull off the heatsink you leave half of it on the old CPU, and when you put the heatsink on the new CPU there might be air pockets that wont transfer heat well.
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