New build, ~$2000 budget, 8+ monitors, not for gaming

My dad wants to get a 8+ monitor system, he wants this but I thought it might be cheaper to build it ourselves. I've put computers together before so that's not a problem, I'm just not sure if having four 5850 cards means you'll be able to use 3 monitors on each of them. Are there better alternatives to the 5850 for this? It will be pretty much exclusively used for stock trading, so lots of charts, no 3D.

Time frame flexible
Please recommend hardware.
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  1. If NO 3D, then you wont need HD 5850s...
    IMO this card is best suited for this kind od build...
    2 of them can drive 8 monitors...
    ATI 100-505532 FirePro 2450 512MB GDDR3

    Mobo with 4 PCIe slots
    So if am not wrong, you can use 4 of those cards to display 16 o/p
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    1. Make sure and get a big case and enough power for 3+ video cards.
    Antec 920 + 550W PSU = $155

    2. Get the right graphics cards: Workstation class...the one mentioned by gkay09 is perfect!
    (2) ATI FirePro 2450 = $488

    3. Since you only need 2 of the graphics cards to power 8 displays, you can use any Crossfire or dual PCIe x16 motherboard. Why not buy a combo with a good CPU?
    Intel Core i5-750 Quad + Asus ASUS P7P55D-E Pro = $365

    4. And 8GB of RAM....
    (2) G-Skill 2x2GB kits = $240

    5. A decent performing Hard Drive
    Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB = $89

    6. You'll need an OS to make it run....
    Windows 7 Pro x64 = $140

    7. You will want to pick up a CD/DVD, keyboard & mouse. And 8 monitors :-)

    Total for items 1-6 = $1477.

    Obviously, you could go much cheaper. Of if you want to spend lots of money, you could burn it by going with dual 2TB drives or dual WD Raptors, or pick up an SSD, or going with the Core i7 processor. My understanding is that you need a rig to power 8 screens for stock brokering. This will do an admirable job. Yes, you could buy a good CPU cooler and additional case fans and get a great overclock with these components. But the nice thing is these components will offer solid performance out of the box without a need for additional tweaking or cooling.

    EDIT: added OS.
  3. this definitely much cheaper than the one the prebuilt one that website's selling, thanks guys

    how does the firopro v4800 compare with 2850? it seems to be cheaper if i get three 4800's than 2 2850s,
  4. The V4800 is a superior card performance-wise. However, you won't need the performance. But, the card can only output to TWO of displays at any time, which means you will need FOUR cards. Which also means you must get a motherboard that supports 4-way PCIe cards. The motherboard posted by gkay09 will work, but you would have to go with the much more expensive Core i7 CPU.

    So, new totals:

    (4) Firepro V4800 = $700
    GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R = $199
    Core i7-930 Quad = $289

    So, your cost would be $1188 for JUST the GPU, CPU & MBO. That's $335 MORE than using the V2450+the CPU/MB setup listed in my original post. Plus, I think you might need a bigger power supply, and the (usually) more expensive triple-channel DDR3 which would add on even more to the cost.

    Hope this helps!
  5. Thanks again singingigo

    Are you sure the v4800 card only supports 2 monitors though? the ati website says it can enable up to three displays (heres the link

    Or is it 3 displays if I only use a single card and only 2 if I get more than 1 card?
  6. Reading the documentation, you are correct. I am guessing the information I read earlier was prior to AMD launching Eyefinity.

    However, I'm not sure it changes the pricing too much. Even if you only buy three V4800, you will still be spending more vs. buying two mv2450 when you factor in a more expensive motherboard & CPU, plus the possible need for a bigger PSU, and the triple channel memory.

    But, if you got the money to burn!!! :-) (Don't forget, running more cards = more energy = higher energy costs!)
  7. Here's the power ratings:

    (3) V4800 @ 69W/each = 207W draw
    (2) v2450 @ 32W/each = 64W draw
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