What is the best VGA or the game in the world?

hi i want buy the best vga in the world do you know what is that? thanks
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  1. The HD5970 is the fastest card right now.
  2. suprisingly, not a clue
  3. do not agree
    xx# Radeon HD4770 512MB should be under 8800GTS
    xxx# Geforce 8800GTS 512MB (G92)
    xxxx# Radeon HD4830 512MB should be under 8800gt 1 GB
    xxxxx# Geforce 8800GT 1GB /9800GT 1GB
  4. Ill agree with the 4830 being better ....but the 4770 is not a better card than the 8800GTS G92 Ive seen similar systems with those cards I saw far better performance
    with the 8800GTS and it was much better performance
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