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What CPU & Mobo specs needed for a true 6 Gbps SATA III system?

For having a true SATA III 6Gbps capability and speeds when building a new system, what hardware spec/features do I need to look for when selecting the motherboard, processor, chipset, HDD and RAM? What and where are the bottlenecks ?
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  1. Need a budget first.
  2. The answer to your question is that the only way you're going to see full 6Gbps capability is through any P67,H67 (or upcoming Z68) platform, and an OCZ Vertex 3 SSD. The other components do not matter so much, because the biggest performance difference you'll see will be changing from an HDD to a SSD.
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    SSDs like the OCZ Vertex 3 will run at rated R/W speeds on some Intel SATA3 ports or Marvell 9182 ports {not on the Marvell 9128}. Further, the rating comes ONLY from ATTO and not other benches like Crystal Disk.

    The P67's bottleneck is it's PCIe 16-lanes, but only high-end GPUs like 3/4-WAY GTX 580 or 2-WAY GTX 590 {internally 2-WAY/GPU}; many P67's won't run 2-WAY {Quad} GTX 590.

    RAM I'd look at 1600 CAS 8/9, edit and in 2X4GB.

    CPU - the i5-2500K {non Hyper-Thread} is an excellent Gaming CPU. The i7-2600K adds Hyper-Threading but only Multi-Tasking and Apps that support Hyper-Threading will benefit e.g. Adobe Photoshop, etc.

    P67 MOBOs I prefer P67's with at least 2-WAY + x4 Lane for expansion and 12+2 Phases; MSI uses a more efficient VRM so lesser phases are still okay. P8P67 DELUXE, Maximus IV Extreme or P8P67 WS Revolution.

    The Z68 doesn't impress me for a 'Gaming' platform, I don't like IGPU and SLI or CF, the +5 MB/s is more a gimmik with SSD Caching {good for small SSDs}. If you produce a lot of MPEG-2/4 then maybe the Z68. I would only consider the Z68 for a 'Desktop'. Yep, I know there's at least one or more Z68 MOBOs with no IGPU which defeats the MPEG-2/4 advantage but should be good for gaming -- $400~$500.

    Yep need Budget +1 o1die
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