Would this be any good?

Will this computer run world of warcraft with good fps and at what graphics??
Will it run cod 4 with good fps? and if so with what graphics

* Case: Galaxy3 ATX Case with 450w PSU 4 Bay with Front Audio and USB
* Dimensions: Length - 480mm, Width - 200mm, Height - 410mm
* Processor: AMD Athlon II X2 255 3.1ghz 4000MT/S 2mb Cache SKT AM3
Processor Interface : Socket AM3
* CPU Cooler : AMD Retail Boxed
* Memory: Major Brand 4gb DDR2 800 PC6400 CL6.0 Memory Module
* Hard Drive: Branded 1tb Sata 7200rpm 16mb Cache HDD
* Graphics Card: Nvidia GT220 1024mb DDR2 Graphics Card VGA DVI HDMI
* Motherboard: Asrock K10N78 Full HD-HSLI AM2 5200MT/S Nvidia 8200 Chipset SKT AM2
* Max Memory Support: 16gb DDR2 1066
* Motherboard Expansion Slots: 1x PCI-E 16x, 1x PCI-E 1x, 2x 32-bit PCI
* Network Card: 10/100/1000 Giga PHY RTL8211B
* Audio: 5.1 CH Windows Vista Premium Level HD Audio (Realtek ALC662 Audio Codec)
* Optical Drive: 20x Lightscribe DVD Writer with Buffer Underrun Protection
* Power Supply: Branded 450w 24Pin Power Supply Unit
* Special Features:
o Case gives good air flow to the components.
o We use only quality branded products.
o All systems come with all the driver CD's.
o Unique Chassis design.

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  1. I'm not sure for WoW, but COD4 would probably run at medium at a decent resolution.
  2. the gt 220 is gonna hurt you a bit. the Athlon II isnt a real deal breaker either. if you are gonna keep the CPU, invest in a better GPU. the 220 can even run nV 3d. ide venture farther and say a 9800gtx/gx2 off ebay would give you more bang for your bucks.
  3. I bought a PC off ebay once, it was pretty poor in the end tbh despite looking really good on paper, I wouldn't recommend it.

    edit. "branded" doesnt really mean anything, even the crappiest brand out there is still a "brand"
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