How do I know which video card is compatible with my computer

I have an Inspirion 580s and want to upgrade to a graphics card that can play mass effect 2, recommendations please
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  1. ^+1
    We need more info here.
    monitor? resolution?
  2. the Dell site says the 580s has a 250W PSU, so you need a PSU, the inside case shots are lousy, newer high performance cards are 12" to 14" long, from the mount header to the other end and require 2-6pin power connectors, some even have 8 pin, you'll need at least 500W to run a GTX260+ or a ATI 5770, and the Aux power connectors are in wiring(no adapters needed)don't worry about PCI-E 1.0 or 2.0, just don't get a 2.1
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