9800GT with 20"

Hello my friends... i want to know if i buy 20" and play game with my 9800GT can it run smoothly and can max all game....? :bounce: :bounce:
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  1. YES, ("max all games", which games?)
  2. it won't be able to max crysis but most games should run fine; I run a 9800 GT at 1920x1200 and it's fine for most games
  3. yeah, but I didn't want to hear something like Crysis at 1900x1200 4AA, V-sync on
  4. all game and not for crysis cause i have try play and only can reach high and not very high...

    If it can max so i will grab 20" LCD, cause i worry if i grab 20" and play game and it stuck
  5. no problem
  6. k... Thanx
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