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I know that the 5830 is essentially a crippled 5870 just like the Phenom II X2s and X3s, so I was wondering if anyone has heard of a possibility to unlock these cards to say a 5850 spec? Could the bios be flashed with the 5850 bios or is there something that limits it on a hardware level? Also, I am looking for a 5830 that stays cool so I can overclock and possibly voltmod it. I would like to keep the price under $230 US if possible. I was looking at these 2 cards but leaning more towards the Powercolor one. Does anyone own either of these? What kinds of temps are you seeing?
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  1. Both links are to the same Powercolor card.

    These cards don't unlock cores - they're nothing like Phenom II processors. And BIOS flashing them with a 5850 BIOS will likely "brick" it.

    If you want 5850 performance, you should just buy a 5850.
  2. Thanks, I fixed the link. As far as unlocking I suppose if that was possible I would have heard about it. I am only running a 1440X900 monitor so I don't need a 5850 but I like the challenge of making a 5830 perform like a 5850. Tweaking is half the fun, playing the game is the other half.
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    Did you by chance mean overclock instead of unlock? People have overclocked these cards and gotten to (or close to) stock 5850 performance numbers. But as far as how the 5830, 5850, and 5870 technically use the same core GPU with some units disabled in the 30 & 50, there's no way to re-activate the disabled units within them. (Hence my reference to Phenom II CPUs.)

    At that resolution, a 5750 or 5770 would be a very solid performer. No need to spend the extra duckets on a 5830... Honestly, the 5830 is just a price-gap filler card. If you really want something powerful, you'd probably be better off continuing to save cash for a 5850. My opinion, of course. Hopefully you'll get a few more to help you make a decision.
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