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I currently own a shitty scandisk 2.0 8gb flash drive that requieres the installation of this annoying program called cruzer. I'm looking for a new usb 3.0 that's fast and reliable, budget of $30 and ~16ish of storage.

Any suggestions? please post links

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  1. you can format the cruzer thing and get rid of that
    i have this which i like well enough. not the fastest but good enough!

    heres the 16 gb model
  2. Just format it to NTFS right? thx for the intel
  3. whoops actually use this to get rid of that crap
  4. ive bought 4 of these, they are an excellent deal, not the fastest, but very reliable and one of the best prices in the business for usb 3.0. if you want speed i would go with a sandisk, but they cost $10-$15 more
  5. i wouldnt get the patriot, they are made out of rubber and attract pocket lint like crazy. here is the sandisk

    i read a few benches, sandisk is one of the best performers but adata is the best value
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