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Hi all,

My 5970 has recently been given the latest drivers etc. In the last few days or so one of the graphics drivers (according to Windows) has stopped working and needed to be restarted. The visual manifestation of this is a freeze on the computer screen but still able to move the cursor, music etc may still be playing. The scren goes black for a split second and then everything goes back to normal with a popup message on the bottom right hand side. Now the last time something like this happened (back on my old rig) it was due to one of the memory sticks being faulty that was fixed with a simple RMA. I don't really want to start this process again until i know this might be an intermittent thing caused by the latest drivers or something.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Have you tryed rolling back to the 10.4's?
  2. No i havent tried that yet. However this never happened in previous driver versions so its an avenue i'll definately explore.
  3. yeah 10.5 = fail.
  4. Its all a driver problem. Specifically about the idle clocks of the 5970 being set too low. 157mhz core and 300mhz memory just isn't enough, causing drivers to crash occasionally.

    Im not sure why 10.5 is giving troubles since I upgraded to 10.5 and it actually solved that problem for me.
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