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What is EuP Ready?

Is this power supply EuP rdy?
its a OCZ 700W ModXStream Pro
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  1. alblue said:
    What is EuP Ready?
  2. Stick with Corsair, Antec, PC Power and Cooling, Seasonic, or XFX and you will be good. What are your specs?
  3. Thermal testing often reveals flaws. Corsairs and many Antecs (and others :)) are rated at full output at 50 C. That is a pretty tough spec to pass.
  4. Very, and with the XFX units no longer having promo codes corsair is back to being a good deal.
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    alblue said:

    It all depends on your system specs.. Its a good PSU none the less.. But for 10$ more, you get the modular and 80+ bronze certified Corsair HX 650.. The XFX 750W (modular and 80+ silver certified) comes for 120$ (calculating shipping and rebate) and its a very good price for an excellent PSU..
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