Budget gaming rig $700-$800


BUDGET RANGE: $700-$800(4500-5000DKK)


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: (Mouse,Keyboard,Graphics Card, Hard Drive,OS,Monitor)







ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Use google or valutakurser.dk to convert prices from DKK to USD

Corsair TX 750W PSU
ATX 12V V2.2, 80 Plus, Standard. 4x 6+2-pin PCIe, 8x SATA, 140mm Blæser

498,00 DKK $85,83

Cooler Master HAF 932 Big Tower Sort
Blæsere: 1x 230mm Front, 1x 230mm Top, 1x 230mm Side, 1x 140mm Bag, Rød LEDs

498,00 DKK $85,83

ASUS M4A79XTD EVO, 790X, Socket-AM3
AMD 790X+SB750, DDR3, Firewire, GbLAN, ATX, 2xPCI-Ex(2.0)x16

879,00 DKK $151,50

Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHz 4GB CL9
Kit w/2x 2GB XMS3 modules, CL9-9-9-24, for Core i5 and i7, 1.65V, Intel XMP

799,00 DKK $137,71

Samsung DVD±RW burner, SH-S223C
22x DVD, DVDRAM, SATA, Black, Bulk

169,00 DKK $29,13

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
Quad Core, 3,2Ghz, AM3, 8MB, 125W, Boxed

1.195,00 DKK $205,97

Total: 4038 DKK Total:$695,98

I already have an old Evga GT 9500 i will use until i have the money for a high in graphics card(in a month or two). I also have an Western Digital Caviar Black 500gb hard drive so that is no problem either. My main question is: is this a good deal(compared to price/performance in the US)? Thank you
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  1. Kingston DDR3 HyperX 1600MHz 4GB
    Kit w/two HyperX 2GB DDR3, CL9-9-9-27

    889,00 DKK Switched the Ram since the Corsairs only work with Intel
  2. Drop the HAF 932 to the 922. The 922 is just as big, and overall a better value.

    Switch the XTD EVO (a great board) to a more future proof Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4. They're basically the same, but the Gigabyte supports USB 3 and SATA III, making it mroe current.

    I'd look for some faster RAM. Check out some 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 sticks. They're about the same price over here, but faster. Also, check other brands as well. Corsair tends to be more expensive than other equivalent brands like G.Skill, Mushkin, Crucial and Patriot. Really, brand doesn't matter as long as it's not OCZ. OCZ's sticks are known to cause compatibilty issues, so you should avoid them.

    Price wise, it's about 50% more expensive over there, but assuming that's normal, you'll have a good build with the above changes.

    Out of curiousity, what GPUs are you looking at? If you want the newer GTX 470/480 (not recommended strictly for gaming), you'll need a much larger PSU if you want to SLI down the road. You'll want an 850W for the 470 and a 1000W for the 480. If you're looking at the HD 5970, you'll want an 850W to allow for potentially Crossfiring later. If you're looking at the GTX 460 or HD 5770, a 650W would be fine. If you're looking at the HD 5850 or 5870 (which are much better than the 470/480), the 750W is fine.

    EDIT: Corsair doesn't only work with Intel. It's just marketed towards Intel. The "made for Core i5/i7" doesn't actually mean anything. You'd need to set the sticks to run at the proper settings in BIOS regardless of what CPU you're using.
  3. Thanks for the Quick response!

    I chose the Haf 932 over 922 because they cost exactly the same and the 922 is out of stock. There is only three different brands of memory over here namely corsair,kingston, and crucial. Corsair is the least expensive of the three. Also, i choose the Corsair 750w power supply because it is 50% off. And concerning the graphics card i thought about either adding two 5850 in xfire or two 460 in sli.
  4. if i was to change to all the parts you suggested it would easily cost $200 more which in my opinion is not worth it.
  5. Then you'd be fine with the 750W unit. Corsair makes great PSUs, so I just wanted to make sure you were getting a big enough one.

    I would still look at the change in price from the board. That would likely be worth it.
  6. and also do i need an antistatic armchain?
  7. Nope. You can discharge yourself without buying anything extra.
  8. Okay thanks for all the nice tips. I changed the mobo to the Gigabyte you mentioned and i have decided to save up for either dual 5850 or gtx 460.

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