Two Hundred Thousand MemTest Errors

Just the other day I posted a question asking about my Bsod problems. We figured it was due to error and that I should increase the ram voltage.

CPU: Phenom x4 955
VC: Sapphire Radeon HD 6870
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaw
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 775W

Before voltage increase: One error on test #3
Re-ran same test ^ : No errors at all

Increased my voltage

After: 200,000 + errors on test #7. (Random number sequence)

I have two sets of the ram (above).

Is an RMA my last option?
Anything I should know that comes to mind?
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  1. try increasing latency to 8-8-8-26, leave voltage at 1.65, increase northbridge voltage a touch. your mobo might not like 4x4gb sticks at cl7/1600mhz.
    let us know what happens
  2. Alright I will in a bit.

    Before I do that though, I ran each set separately and found the bad set. (not sure which one out of the two).

    Instead of getting errors on the random numbers. It was on the block move. Not sure if that affects anything.

    I'll go do your instructions, should I use all 8 gigs or just the bad set?
  3. skip it, if it only makes errors with a certain set then that set should be RMA'd
  4. Ok, simple enough. Thanks for the help. I'll know where to go if I have more problems after the boring :pfff: RMA process.
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