Are these temps for real?

My ASUS p6t x58 is possibly failing. But my CPU might be failing now too. I'm not sure if it's both or either. If my motherboard is failing, can I trust the CPU temp read outs?

When I start up my computer, my CPU reads 60* C and after 10 minutes it is up to 85* C. If I do a simple disk defrag at 85* C on a nearly empty drive it goes up to 98* C. It then goes back down to 80* C and stays there. I haven't tried running movies or games yet, because it used to be at 40* C to start.

It's only been on 10 minutes. And it starts out at 60*? I'm using Speccy to monitor the temps. Could my motherboard be reporting the temps wrong?

It's a i7 920, not overclocked. My HDD recently failed, or so I thought, but now I'm having more problems and I'm wondering if it's the motherboard. Trying to troubleshoot it and am worried it's the mobo and the cpu.

What can I do? I have all the fans running.
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  1. Have you checked the temps in BIOS? Third party utilities have been wrong before.
  2. Hi rolli59, thanks for replying. I checked them and the BIOS says it's also about 85* C. Whoa? I have all of my fans going (2 80 mm and 2 120 mm) at 1200 RPM or so.

    What can I do? Replace the heat sink or something? How can I know if my cpu isn't already damaged? Because if it was going 85* C with nothing going on, well I normally run a 3DS Max, watch a movie and have a game toolset open all at once, so I guess no wonder my HDD crashed.

    How can I tell if my motherboard and CPU are not also borked?
  3. try reseating the heat sink. you're not the only one with a heat problem as I'm having one with my Q9650.
  4. I'm gonna ditch my old Smilodon case for an Antec 900 + nonstock fans for the air flow too, I think. Plus gonna reseat the HSF and reapply thermal paste.
  5. Looked at your configuration - Did not see what HSF you are using.
    If it is the stock HSF from Intel - ditch it!, get a 3rd party HSF, preferably one with a backing plate.

    Also, if you are using one with the push-pins, there is a good posibility one of the pins is loose, Would try pulling, clean thermo paste and reattach HSF, Until you can replace it with one with a backing plate.

    Not sure from post, which temp you are looking at. Have you looked at the individual core temps - are all four core temps about the same.

    How is your vcore voltage, has it increased?
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