Rosewill RSV-S8 without RAID

hi guys I sort of jumped the gun and went out and bought one of these Rosewill enclosures without doing a hell of a lot of research, and i would like to know if this system will support seperate drives or only FakeRAID???

As currently i have several 4 port Sil3124 (pci & pci-e) controllers running multiple 1,2 & 3TB drives running as single drives (i have not had to change any settings in either the cards bios or in software just plug in and format)

Now I'm a bit concerned that the raid tower will not do this and will require some form of RAID setup to work, accirdung to the manual it suuports Contiguous drives is this single drives ot some form of software RAID

As my plan is to put all my 750g,1tg & 2tb drives that are full in my current system in the RAID tower freeing up room inside my main PC, i have read somewhere that i should flash the esata controller that comes with the tower to a "non-raid"' silicone image driver, anyone had luck with this

Many thanks
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  1. The tower should work with JBOD, and does not require RAID.
  2. hey mate, just to comfirm with JBOD each drive will be individually adressed (with there own drive letter) as i hate the idea of BIG/SPAN setups, thank you SK1939 for the reply
  3. JBOD stands for just a bunch of disks. SPAN is generally done in software, so yes it's not SPAN.
  4. thank you for clearing that up
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