Help me pick out a new pc

I've decided to buy a new pc, one for gaming (total war games), I have a budget of around $800,

here's a list of ones i found at newegg thats within my budget but i don't know which one is the best, i want to ask if you guys can help me out, thank you
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  1. We arent too big on prebuilts around here, since building your own isnt hard, and will get you better parts for the same price so i definitely suggest considering it. If you are willing to try it(its not hard i promise!) head over to the Systems forum and make a post using the template below, and see if we cant beat those prebuilts.
  2. The one with the ATI 5770 for $709 is probly the best value
  3. I agree with hunter, it's not as difficult as you might think. I'm actually building for my very first time and learning as I go along, but once I've gathered all the parts I feel pretty confident in assembling it myself.

    And don't worry! The people here at Tom's are very helpful so you'll be safe ;)
  4. Yeah, don't buy a pre-built. Its a way better value to build your own + it's fun! ;)

    This is what I'd go with.


    GPU: ( You can swap this card and make it a little cheaper, the reason for this is I like EYEFINITY, If you're not intrested in a smooth eyefinity experience there is other DX11 Cards. Total war games wont need something this good, but I like to future proof.)

    PSU: ( Great PSU, has really good reviews, all the certifications, plenty of hook-ups.)

    MOBO: ( 2 PCI-E 2.0 for Crossfire, great Over-Clock setup. Really good at ACC, or unlocking Core's on your CPU. I.E Dual core unlocked to quad.)

    RAM: ( This is a good price, there are lots of others though, this is not the only option, but it's a good one. Only 4gigs, but not to much more is needed right now, and you can always upgrade in the future, 4 gigs is a good starting point though for your budget.)

    DVD burner: (Highly rated, cheap Dual Layer burner. Not much else to say.)

    HDD: (For me space is always an Issue, but once again you can swap this out no problem.)

    Id recommend something along those lines. Hope this helps.
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